Andrej Lemanis - Head Coach National Men's Team

"My relationship with Ian Stacker in basketball extends over 25 years. I have been coached by him, coached with him, coached against him and spent a lot of time discussing the game of basketball with him. I have always respected his passion and knowledge of the game and his particular desire to help players get better. Recently, I sat with Ian as he presented to me his thoughts on shooting. He explained to me the process by which he came up with his philosophies, the reasoning for his thinking, and then took me through his presentation. I was personally very impressed with the methodology Ian presented – it is simple, well thought out and makes sense. Watching the players Ian has worked with recently at the AIS, you can see the influence and impact his coaching has had on their shooting technique."

Mirko Djeric - Former AIS athlete & current Townsville Crocodile (NBL)

"Coach Ian Stacker has helped me in many ways with my shot. First thing I remember asking Stacks was if my shot technique needed to change, he laughed and said no as long as you don't dip it and as long as it goes in. But in all seriousness, Stacks has developed my shot into much bigger things than I thought, he knows the game and coached some of the best shooters Australia has seen! He has put into my head that Australia as a nation needs more shooters. Stacks has motivated me to practise shooting the right way using a variety of challenging drills that are both competitive and difficult. I share these drills with the younger ballers I talk to. 
I highly recommend Stacks as a shooting coach and a coach in general. He has had a huge impact on the success I have had in national and international events . 
Ballers this is the man you need to get your shot to an international standard!! 
Thanks ," Mirko 

Michele Timms - FIBA, WNBA and Basketball Australia Hall of Fame player

"Ian Stacker is a fantastic coach for both male and female basketballers. Ian was the Basketball Victoria State Director of Coaching in the early days of my career and he had a significant influence on my day to day training habits and was certainly a factor in my development and career that followed.
More recently I have seen the work Ian has done on shooting and encourage any female coaches and players to take advantage of the progressive thoughts Ian has on how women can improve their shooting.
Ian will help your game, he is passionate about his influence on basketball players and I have complete faith in his ability to deliver some ideas that will help."

Brad Newley - Dual Olympian

"I was first approached by Ian Stacker as an 18 year old, in my final year of a scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport. He recognized my raw talent and believed he could assist me in taking my game to the Olympic level. Being a man of his word, he helped me achieve this goal.


Over the next two seasons Ian provided a supportive environment for me to play and practice. While guiding me as a person off the court, he developed me as a player on the court, allowing my natural ability and flair to develop rather than cutting and shaping my game. As a result of this a mutual respect and friendship developed which would eventually culminate in me inviting him to the USA to assist and coach me whilst I pursued my dream of making the NBA.


Ian is not only a great team coach, but his eye for individual detail helped my game immensely and was pivotal in my success in being drafted by an NBA team and consequently forging a career in Europe.

Ian’s ability to effectively communicate with younger players and discover specific areas in need of improvement is one if his main strengths. I still today use the same techniques and individual training drills I learned under his coaching regime to solidify the fundamentals of my game.

Ian has a lot of links in the international basketball world whom he is constantly talking to and learning from in order to evolve and improve his own coaching.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ian". 

Chris Anstey - Former Head Coach Melbourne Tigers NBL, Olympian and former NBA player

"Ian Stacker has been an incredibly positive influence on my basketball career, and contributed largely to many of my successes. More importantly, the lessons I have learnt from being coached by Ian have already had a positive influence on my life away from basketball, and will continue to do so after I retire from the game."

Adam Gorman - Sports Scientist in Skill Acquisition

 I worked with Ian Stacker while he was coaching the Men’s Basketball Squad at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.


During that time, Ian was particularly open to new ideas regarding skill acquisition and he was willing to try new approaches and to challenge the traditional training methods.


As a result, Ian was instrumental in helping to initiate several servicing projects (including shooting and defensive footwork) that have helped to shed more light on the skill-related factors that can influence performance in basketball.


Ian’s extensive coaching experience provided the basis for numerous discussions on the ways in which skill acquisition could best be applied to enhance basketball performance.


Ian’s easy-going nature made it a pleasure to work with him and he has had a positive influence on my own approach towards the application of skill acquisition in the sporting domain.”